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Benefits of Recycling Food Waste

There are many benefits to recycling your food waste, and its important to look at recycling before sending food waste to landfill.


Cuts your carbon footprint

Food waste that is dumped in landfills doesn't get enough oxygen exposure to break down naturally, so it rots and decays and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is far more hazardous to the environment than carbon dioxide. It is essential that everyone makes an effort to reduce global warming in whatever way they can. Your business's carbon footprint can be reduced by reducing food waste and responsibly disposing of any that cannot be avoided.


Reduces your cost

The less you send to landfill, the cheaper it is for businesses. The first point of call is to see what food can be used, so for cafes and restaurants using produce right up to their use by date or giving left over produce to the homeless whilst its still edible, as a broad example. This limits what needs to be recycled to begin with.


Support your community and give your PR a boost

Sending food or left over products to food banks, feeding the homeless or helping local charities is not only great for the community, but its also a great thing to shout about from a marketing and PR perspective. That’s a win win!


What can food waste be used for?

Creating beauty and skin care products
Backyard composting
Feed farm animals