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How is glass recycled?

Well that’s a very good question. In the UK, glass is second only to metal in terms of recycling rates. Composed of limestone, soda ash, and sand, it is completely recyclable and may undergo countless processing iterations without sacrificing its original quality.

How is recycled glass recycled?

Firstly, let’s understand the actual process for recycling the glass once it has been collected from your business premises (or home).

  • glass is gathered and transported for further processing
  • automatically colored-sorted, if necessary
  • broken down and impurities eliminated
  • used with the basic ingredients to add colour and/or improve qualities as needed
  • melts in a furnace
  • blown or moulded into fresh jars or bottles.

Why is glass recycling important?

Glass is completely recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality. The four primary components of new glass are limestone, soda ash, sand, and additional colour or special treatment chemicals.

It is necessary to quarry all of these raw minerals, depleting natural resources and requiring energy for extraction and processing. Thus, we may cut down on the use of non-renewable fossil fuels and the amount of CO2 released during the production of carbonate raw materials like limestone by simply recycling our glass.

1.2 tonnes of raw materials are saved for every tonne of recycled glass that is added to the furnace. Approximately 580 kg of CO2 are avoided across the supply chain, 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution are produced for every tonne of recycled glass!

Once the glass has been recycled, it can be used to make new glass bottles and jars or glass wool insulation for homes.

Recycling glass (both commercial and domestically) is very easy to do. Currently around 71% of the UK’s used glass (from bottles and jars) is recycled, and we are working towards that being over 90% by 2030.

To find out more about how we can help with your glass recycling needs, or indeed any other form of recycling or commercial waste, please get in touch or complete our quote form.