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Reducing your commercial waste management cost

There is more and more pressure on businesses to become environmentally friendly or eco friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. Often small business owners think that by adding new measures will cost them more money, but in fact this is wrong. Ultimately you can save money, below are 5 ways of reducing costs and saving money on your commercial and business waste management service.

Staff Training

As a business manager, when was the last time you spent a day (or any significant time) in the various departments or offices in your business? What sort of commercial waste are your departments generating that could be scaled down?


Have you checked what is being recycled in your commercial premises before it’s thrown away? For example, using the other side of paper for scrap or test printing? Is there a local allotment that would be willing to pick up any food waste for composting?

Buy Smart

Reduce waste by making the move to recyclable or environmentally friendly products. Speak with suppliers to identify ways to reduce packaging, or go entirely with different products. The decreased trash will offset any additional expenses.


Do a weekly check on what is being disposed of. Disposal should be the last option for anything that is leaving your building, when recycling or second usage have been ruled out.

Find out more about your current waste management contract

It's possible that your commercial waste contract has been in effect for a long time. Examining the service level agreement, contract, or pricing schedule provided by your contractor is a smart place to start if you want to reduce waste expenses. If you feel it isn’t up to scratch or want a comparison, do not hesitate in giving us a call today or by completing our quote form here.