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Waste Savings Tips for Bars and Restaurants

With the busy summer season just weeks away (fingers crossed), there are a number of steps you can take with your staff and team to reduce your waste costs and give yourself a big environmentally friendly tick!

Portion Control

Are your staff and team members watching their portions on plates and dishes that go out the kitchen? Might sound simple, but many customers don’t always appreciate the extra sized portions, as they wont eat it, creating more waste for you to get rid of. How many people actually eat the tomatoes on a full English? How much garnish is coming back? Questions worth asking.

Tweaking the Menu

If you are throwing a lot of unused stock away, it might be worth looking to tweak the menu? Or create some “weekend specials”, where you can get rid of unused stock. Could a Saturday Pizza and Pasta night be the solution? Where you can gather any unused meats (chicken or ham), and salas produce such as tomatoes, peppers, olives or cheese, throw them into the pot and give them a last chance before you’d have to throw them away?


Turn to your suppliers and look to see what the packaging is like on the produce? Is it biodegradable or compostable?

Constant Monitoring

Monitor and analyse your food and packaging waste week on week, and with everything thrown away, look to see if there could have been an alternative solution.

Throw-away cups and glasses

If you are a bar offering take-away or an outdoor service, many don’t allow their glasses to be taken out the premises and so opt for plastic/throw-away cups or glasses. Is it worth investing in some more robust plastic glasses that have multiple uses, saving on your waste each week? Or paper/cardboard options that are biodegradable.


If you need help or advice with waste management for your bar or restaurant in the build up to summer, give Senta Waste a call to see how we can help reduce your costs and provide a quick and efficient service.

Here at Sensa waste we thrive on providing a tailored waste management solution to take the strain out of waste collections. We are 100% committed to recycling and work individually with each business and their needs. Our wheelie bin collections are available 7 days a week. Same day bins delivery options are available.